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Here at Mt. Blue RSD 9 Adult Basic and Community Education, we have an enthusiastic staff ready to help you achieve your educational goals.  We'd like you to get to know us better by introducing ourselves to you.

Glenn Kapiloff, Director

Glenn is the Director of Franklin County Adult Education. His task is to keep everything moving in the right direction. He is here to support the teachers and staff that work so hard to meet the needs of our students. He does this by helping to breakdown the barriers for student success. Looking at innovative ways to help fund our programs and initiatives is a big part of that. My goals are to advocate, provide support and ensure that the programs we offer at Adult Ed are meeting the needs of the community we serve. He has been in the school district for over 30 years. He taught Industrial Arts (Technology Education) at Mt Blue Middle School for 18 years before being hired as the Director of Foster CTE Center. During the 12 years as director of Foster Tech he was a part of Mt Blue Campus building project. This project has helped us change from independent institutions to one, integrated campus. This has helped allow students interested CTE programs to blend a career focus with their academic programming. He feels that the next change to the campus is to incorporate Adult Education as part of an alternative pathway for some students. This will help lower our high school dropout rate and improve student skill levels. He came to this position because he would like to see a fair and equitable education for all learners, regarless of their learning style, academic ability or chosen pathway. This should be able to happen at any point in a persons life. He feels he can use his knowledge of career education to help support the new direction of Adult Education with regards to workforce development and training. Using our programs as a gateway to further training and education. One interesting fact about Glenn is the his mother named me after 'John Glenn' the first American to orbit the Earth!

Liza Donald, Administrative Assistant

 Liza Donald

Liza has been the administrative assistant for the Mt. Blue RSD and the Franklin County Adult Education programs for more than ten years.  She enjoys working with people in the community and helping them complete their tasks.  She enjoys being with her family, friends and the community.   She likes to quilt and do scrap booking and most of all, cook.


Sandra Brown, CollegeTransitions Coordinator

I joined the Air Force in 1992 and was on Active Duty for 6 years. I returned home and decided to travel. I loaded up a Honda Civic and headed out west and to Alaska. I have worked as an oral surgery nurse a cosmetologist, massage therapist, Ed Tech III/BHP and long term sub in a Day Treatment setting. I have worn many hats and have been attending school for many years. I love learning. I will continue my education until I can no longer think. I have 2 boys, they gave me the love, strength and drive I needed to finish my degree in Psychology. I graduated from UMF in 2015. I believe we all have the ability to push ourselves, to pursue our dreams and I am here at Adult Education to support those dreams! I am a kind, funny and thoughtful person, part of my mission in life is to find the beauty in every person I have the privilege to meet.


Michael Burd, Technology and Life Skills Instructor

Mike Burd

Mike was a technology business owner (MaineWest), a community educator at SAVES (now SAPARS) and the first non law enforcement member of the Maine Computer Crimes Task Force before joining the FCAE Team in 2005. He is of the mind that fluency in the culture and language of 21st Century Literacy is an important empowerment skill, both personally and professionally. He's also on the board of Literacy Volunteers and a member of the Fun For All Playground Committee. Mike is also a professional bassist (David Mallett, Noel Stookey, Rick Charette, etc) and amateur grandparent.  He is in relentless pursuit of almost any life-engaging opportunity such as performing with the Merry Plinksters Ukulele Ensemble and fine art photography.


Sue Kidd, Math Instructor & Odysseyware Coordinator


Sue has a BS in Secondary Education/Math from the University of Maine at Farmington. She taught math at Mt Blue High School for 12 years. She has her own photography business as well as a 185 acre farm where she raises her own produce, maple syrup, chickens, horses and hay. She is the mother of two children.


Maggie Scholl, Reading and Language Arts Instructor

Maggie Scholl

Maggie has a BS in Special Education from the University of Maine at Farmington and an MS in Education from the University of Southern Maine.  She lives in New Sharon with her husband, daughter, grandson and four cats. In warm weather, she may be seen with her husband riding a tandem bicycle to work. She also enjoys reading, playing the clarinet and knitting in her spare time.

Greta Espeaignnette, MSAD 58 ABE/High School Equivalency Instructor/Recruiter

Greta has a BA in math from UMF and an MS in Information System Management from the University of Colorado Boulder.  After just over 20 years in the US Air Force,  she returned to her hometown of Avon where she is enjoying working in Adult Education.  She manages her small family farm and enjoys the many outdoor activities the area has to offer.


Sue Knight, Corrections Facility Coordinator

Sue Knight

Sue has been working with Adult Education since 2002 when she started with the Even Start Family Literacy Program. Back then, she made home visits and included the family as learners.  It was a great introduction to learning about the philosophy of "adults as learners".  Sue currently enjoys bringing education into the Franklin County Detention Center, kind of a home visit, helping men and women earn their HiSET diploma, get ready to attend college or just explore their thoughts about what they might like to read.


Kristie Backus, HiSET Supervisor

Kristie Backus

Kristie has a BS in Special Education from the University of Maine at Farmington. She has worked in the education field over the years and has also worked as a Family Service Advocate for families in Franklin County. Most recently she has worked as a Real Estate Agent. Kristie enjoys many hobbies/activities such as knitting, making stained glass projects, basket weaving, singing, fishing, hunting, kayaking, hiking, snowshoeing and most recently playing the guitar. She has three children.  Kristie is excited to be working with the staff and students at Mt. Blue RSD Adult & Community Education.


Amanda Barker, Office Support

"What brought you to Adult Ed...?”
I wanted to be more important, I wanted to have more responsibilities,  I wanted to help change lives and mostly I want to help others succeed with their futures.  The one thing I wanted to do for myself but decided to become a mom instead. Wouldn't change it for the world but, if I had the chance I would have done both!


Stephanie Chu-O'neil, 

Rangeley ABE/High School Equivalency Instructor/Recruiter



Stephanie loved school enough to go to three different high schools and five different colleges! Therefore she knows first hand how frustrating it can be to transfer credits and thrive in different institutions. She started at Friends World College, and continued to University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Carleton University, Parson School of Design and graduated from Hunter College with a BA in Fine Arts. She moved from New York City to Rangeley almost 16 years ago with her now teenage daughter Sophie. Her wide variety of interests drew her to post graduate classes that have included metal jewelry design, welding, basket weaving, fiddling, quilting, glass blowing, stained glass, gardening and video editing. Her past jobs in the field of instruction include arts & crafts director at a summer camp, snowboard instructor, substitute teacher in both Rangeley and NYC and teaching tai chi and knitting through Franklin County Adult Education. You might recognize her as the current manager and editor of The Rangeley Highlander, a local newspaper that is known for its community oriented pieces. She hopes adult education classes will be more of a common and integral part of the changing community in the years to come.

TBA, Career Advising and Community Ed


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