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Mt. Blue Adult & Community Ed will be offering several different fun ways to get moving this spring.  If you want to move to music, we will be teaching five different ways to dance including Clogging, Belly Dancing, Square Dancing, Line Dancing and Swing Dancing . For those of you who prefer not to dance, you can play Volleyball every Thursday night in Wilton for a nominal fee.  Would a combination of Yoga and Pilates, called PIYo , be of interest? All these and many more classes. Call us today at 778-3460


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Want to be on Facebook or Twitter? Learn how you can access these social media to help you stay in contact with family and friends. Sessions will be individually set at your convenience. Contact Nancy at 864-5384. A one time fee of $10 is payable at the first meeting.


Posted by Julie Sawyer  on January 27, 2016


Community Ed classes are available in the Strong/Phillips area and you can register by calling Mt. Abram High School at 207-678-2701 x 4226.  Class descriptions are available in the Mt. Blue course catalog, pages 28-29, or on line at  These classes are:

  • YOGA




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Exciting news!!

Mt. Blue RSD Adult & Community Ed will be offering a CERTIFIED MEDICAL TECHNICIAN PROGRAM starting in the Spring of 2016! Classes will be held at the Sandy River Center every Saturday beginning March 26-May 28, 7:00am-5:00pm. The clinical training part of the course will take place June 4-July 9, 7:00am-5:00pm.  

You must have your CNA license and have worked as a CNA for 2080 hours before being admitted to this class.

Call to register or get more information now at 207-778-3460 !



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Do you have your high school diploma, GED or HiSET and are thinking about the next step in your education but not sure where to begin? We at Mt. Blue Adult Ed can help you. Our 15-week college prep program is starting in January.

What do we do?

  • Explore your career interests, strengths and options
  • Assess your academic skills
  • Help with college admissions and financial aid forms
  • Teach you to manage your time and stress
  • Help to strengthen math, reading, writing, technology and study skills

Call Mt Blue Adult Ed today at 778-3460 for more information or to register for January classes!


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ADULT EDUCATION ORIENTATION - What is Orientation and why is it important?

The next Mt. Blue RSD Adult Education Orientation will be held on Wednesday and Thursday, January 6 and 7, from 9:00-3:00 with classes beginning the following week.

What is Orientation?

  1. Orientation is a requirement set forth by the State of Maine that all students participate in 12 hours of orientation as part of the enrollment process into Adult Education.
  2. Day One is filled with information about the program presented by various staff members and instructors. Students must complete paperwork and review policies that will guide their education.  The instructors will also administer tests to determine what learning levels our students may be at in order to place them into appropropriate classes. These tests not only provide important information to the instructors, they are also required by the State of Maine.
  3. Day Two will have the instructors reviewing test results and setting up students'  individual schedules for classes. Students will also hear more information about use of technology in their education and college/career transitions. Not all students will require classes but will still meet with the instructors to review the next step, whether it is preparing for their HiSet (formerly GED) or for taking tests for college.

Why is it important that I attend both days?

  1. In order to best meet our students' educational needs, students must be tested and assigned appropriate classes. This cannot be completed in one day because the instructors meet to discuss each student's goals and educational pathway before meeting with them individually on Day Two.

Do I need to bring anything?

  1. We will provide lunch but if you might like to bring snacks or beverages.
  2. Please bring your social security number and a state-issued picture ID or current driver's license.


Call Mt. Blue RSD Adult Education at 778-3460 Monday through Thursday from 8:30-4:00 to register for the next orientation.  The next three Orientation Dates are January 6-7, 2016,  February 24-25, 2016 and April 13-14, 2016.


Posted by Julie Sawyer  on December 2, 2015


Mt. Blue Adult & Community Ed is very excited to announce the addition of an EMT Course starting in January 2016! Exact dates and fees have not yet been determined, but this course will be held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and five full Saturdays until complete.  This course will be taught be an experienced health care professional, Carol Pillsbury.  Please call Mt. Blue Adult & Community Ed at 778-3460 with your name, address, email, date of birth and phone. You will receive more detailed information at that time. 


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The Ukelele 101 Community Ed Class in Phillips scheduled for October 1-8-15-22 has been cancelled due to low enrollment.  However, if you are interested in learning to play the Ukelele there is a class beginning in Farmington on September the Mt. Blue Adult & Community Ed Program today at 778-3460!!


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Don't Be Shy! Give Us a Try! - Franklin County Adult Education Fall 2015

If you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of your Mt. Blue Community Education Course Catalog for the Fall 2015 session, you only have a short wait left.  Catalogs should be in the community the week of September 11th!  Most classes will not begin until the week of September 28th or later.  There are exciting new classes being offered as well as old favorites.  The staff at Mt. Blue RSD Adult & Community Education will look for your registrations either on-line, in the mail or you may register by calling us at 778-3460.


Posted by Liza Donald  on September 10, 2015

Sign Up For June Orientation in Preparation for Fall Classes!

Orientation Clipart

Mt. Blue Adult Education is announcing an Orientation on June 2 for students who would like to enter the following programs in the fall:  CRMA, CNA, CNA-Med Tech and College Transitions (descriptions of these courses may be read below).  The Orientation will take place at the Adult Learning Center from 9:00-3:00 with lunch being served.  The program will include introduction to the staff and the Adult Ed Program, educational testing and class placement.  The four courses will begin in September with dates to be announced.  The purpose of this early Orientation is to ensure that students may begin classes early in the fall rather than waiting for the first Adult Basic Education Orientation in September.  The June 2 Orientation is also open to anyone else who may be interested in pursuing their HiSET (formerly GED) Diploma; however classes will be limited after June 25 for the summer and there is no HiSET testing from June 26 through August 31.

The next Orientation for fall classes will be on September 9 from 9:00-3:00.  Anyone interested in attending Adult Ed may call 778-3460 to register.  The Adult Ed Office will be closed in July and August.


CNA - CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANT - This 180 hour CNA Course is designed to prepare the student to be a Nursing Assistant. Call the office for application and registration requirements. $1300

CNA - MED TECH -CERTIFIED MEDICATION TECHNICIAN - State Approved Certified Medication Technician Program includes 60 hours classroom, 20 hours classroom/lab and 40 hours clinical training for a total of 120 hours which prepares the CNA to work in nursing homes administering medications under the supervision of an RN. Students must already have their CNA license plus 2080 hours working as a CNA. Call the office for an application and detailed registration requirements. $1000

CRMA - CERTIFIED RESIDENTIAL MEDICATION AIDE - 40-hour course designed to teach Residential Care Workers to administer selected non-injectable medications in a Licensed Residential Care or Group Home setting. The course provides basic understanding needed to administer medication and to document accurately. The course covers State of Maine regulations, standard residential facility policies, basic anatomy and physiology, common medications in most drug classes and safe medication administration procedures. Participants must complete all classroom and clinical components without exception. Mock med passes are part of the classroom experience. Also participants must perform 3 med passes supervised by an RN in a clinical setting. Documentation of these med passes is due within 45 days of the completion of the course. The CRMA must understand exactly what the roles and responsibilities of this position include. $500

CT - COLLEGE TRANSITIONS - This is a 16-week course perfect for those who want to further their education and already have a high school diploma or equivalency. Classes are taught by teachers who want you to succeed and you will be in classes with people like you who want to take that next step. No Fee.

Call Mt. Blue Adult Ed at 778-3460 for further information or to register.


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