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Archive: March 2018


Greater Franklin County: Local Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning employers are looking for employees, especially those with an interest and knowledge of the business. An introductory class is being offered this spring to educate job seekers about this well paying field and the skill sets necessary to be successful as an HVAC technician. 

Franklin County Adult Education and Spruce Mountain Adult  and Community Education are excited to be offering this opportunity to the community. If you have an interest in this growing field, come to HVAC orientation on Wednesday, March 28 from 5:00 - 7:30 at the Adult Education Conference Room at the Mt. Blue Campus in Farmington. The orientation will give an overview of HVAC basics, employment opportunities available, and what the future of this business looks like. You can sign up for the class at this time.
Andrew Bracy, an experienced service technician at Valley Gas and Oil in Kingfield, will lead this class and provide hands-on experience for each student. This is a multi-faceted and ever-changing field, with new advances in heat pumps, solar and geothermal energy and natural gas.
“The field is always evolving. If technology interests you, there is a number of new ways to get involved and always be challenged,” said Bracy. 
Currently, there are not enough HVAC technicians to meet the needs of the industry. With the high demand for employees comes higher wages, an opportunity for advancement, and a chance to start a life-long career. 
This multi-week course will run from the March 28th orientation through May 30th each Monday and Wednesday from 5-7:30 pm, and will be held at the Mt. Blue Campus. 
Subject matter will include the introduction of multiple systems, worker safety, and industry terminology. Students will also be required to job shadow with a local employer. Funding sources are available for students that are eligible. If you are interested in attending the orientation, contact your local adult education program: Mt. Blue at 778-3460, Spruce Mountain at 897-6406. 


Posted by M Burd  on March 22, 2018

Got Spring Fever? Feeling Shack-Happy? Take a gander at some courses we've highlighted just for you!!!

Build Your Own 3-D Printer:
Saturday  Instructor: Richard W. Wilde Participants will build their own 3-D printer and be instructed on the proper use and procedures. The 3-D printer being built is based on the open source PRUSA model with improvements to make it more user friendly and efficient. Participants will also receive 1KG of PLA printing filament.  8am-4pm  |  | Feb 17 Location: MBC Fee: $400

Pets & Essential Oils 
Thursday Instructor: Joanna Wilhelm Have you been hearing about essential oils being used for wellness and wondered whether they can also be used for your dogs, cats, or horses? Or have you heard mixed information on this topic and wondered what’s what? Learn about essential oils, the different qualities, how they’re made, and all the ways they can be used to help our 4-legged furries. From helping calm anxiety to homemade repellents for them, we’ll cover it all. You’ll get to make a pest repellent spray to take home and as an extra bonus, some all-natural cleaner for around the house and some additional easypeasy, pet-friendly and pet-useful recipes!  6:30-8:30pm  |  Mar 15  |  Location: Mt. Blue Adult Ed Conference Room Fee: $20

6-9pm Instructor: Ruth Stevens Would you like to learn how to weld in a hands-on, low pressure environment? This class is for the beginner who has never welded before, as well as for a seasoned welder that needs a refresher. We will focus on stick and MIG welding with the option to learn some TIG welding. Please wear appropriate footwear. Wednesdays |  Feb 28-April 25  |  Location: MBHS E-Wing Fee: $200

Making Biscuits & Scones Made Easy From Scratch
 Instructor: Therese Pinette You will be learning to make biscuits and delicious scones from scratch with samples to bring home. Bring an apron to join us at Law Mountain Wreaths N’ Bakery. Please register by calling the instructor Therese Pinette at 207-751-7699 Thursday .  5:30-8:30pm  |  Mar 15  | 

Making Pie Crust & Turnovers Made Easy From Scratch 
Instructor: Therese Pinette You will learn how to roll out pie crust from scratch and make a 6” pie and turnovers to bring home. Bring an apron to join us at Law Mountain Wreaths N’ Bakery. Please register by calling the instructor Therese Pinette at 207-751-7699 Thursday .  5:30-8:30pm  |  | Mar 8 Location: 218 Pond Road, Wilton Fee: $20, $10 material fee

Mile High Muffins Made Easy From Scratch
Instructor: Therese Pinette You will be learning how to make wonderful berry muffins from scratch with samples to bring home. Bring an apron and join us at Law Mountain Wreaths N’ Bakery. Please register by calling the instructor Therese Pinette at 207-751-7699 Thursday .  5:30-8:30pm  |  Mar 22  |  Location: 218 Pond Road, Wilton Fee: $20, $10 material fee

Thursday Bridge Instructor: Eddie Yuen Improve your bridge play with fun and friendship. This class uses the duplicate format to help you find features for bidding and play that work well- and those that don’t. Those unfamiliar with duplicate play will receive instruction at the table and will feel like “pros” in minutes. This not an ACBL sanctioned game. Bring a friend for a fun card playing afternoon and make some new friends!  1-4pm  |  Mar 15-June 14  | Location: ALC  Fee: $1 per class

Tai Chi - Yang Style 
5:30-6:30pm Instructor: Eddie Yuen This class involves a series of slow, meditative body movements that were originally designed for self-defense and to promote inner peace and calmness. The movements use internal energy too subtle for most people to observe, reflected in the notion that “four ounces can deflect a thousand pounds.” Wednesdays |  Mar 14-Apr 25  | Location: MBMS Cafe Fee: $45

In 2015, Maine replaced the GED with new HiSET® which covers the same content areas as the GED and allows test takers to demonstrate proficiency in the academic skills expected by employers and post-secondary institutions. All of the local adult education programs formerly administering the GED are administering the computer based of the HiSET®. All at no cost to Maine residents. Accommodations are available for individuals with a documented disability. Interested in evening classes for HiSET support? Call our office and let them know.Odysseyware 
Through the use of the Odysseyware® platform, educators and students have access to more than 300 standards-aligned courses and instructional materials in core subjects, enriching electives, CTE courses, and college and career readiness test prep. For more information please contact Franklin County Adult Education at 207-778-3460

Mike’s Café 
Thursday Instructor: Mike Burd We have an ala-carte selection of topics designed to keep you meaningfully engaged in relevant activities between your academic pursuits. Topics include, but are not limited to: Career Exploration, Financial Literacy, Technology Basics, Work Readiness, Resume Writing, Civic Awareness, E-Portfolio, Life Skills, Linked-In and more!  1-3pm  | | Ongoing Location: ALC

Google Photos
Thursday  Instructor: Mike Burd With your Google account we will explore this exciting app and learn how to backup ALL of your photos to one place in the cloud; at no cost to you! We will also explore easy yet powerful editing tools that will include Light, Color, Rotate/Resize/Cropping and some special filters. We’ll also look at cloud sharing and organizational possibilities. Never lose a picture or send an email attachment again!  9-11am  |  Mar 29  |  Apr 5  and/or  Location: ALC

Introduction to QuickBooks 
Tuesday Instructor: Bonita Lehigh You will learn the tools needed to operate your business effectively with QuickBooks. During this class you will learn how to: Setup your company file, Create an effective chart of accounts, Process invoices and payments, Reconcile your accounts, Create critical reports like a pro as well as a Loss and Balance Sheet, How to utilize Item and Sales reporting for data and gauging, Create customer and vendor databases, Perform short cuts and create reports that apply to your individual business need, and How to best structure your company based upon the individual’s operations. Time will be allotted during each class to answer individual questions and to address solutions to problems possibly encountered. You can buy the book or use it in the class.  5-9pm  |  March 13 - March 20  |  Location: Mt. Blue Campus Fee: $65

Certified Medical Technician Program CNA-MED-TECH Course 
4-9pm Instructor: TBA State Approved Certified Medical Technician Program. Includes: 60 hours classroom, 20 hours classroom/ lab, and 40 hours clinical training. This is a 120 hour course preparing CNAs working in nursing homes to administer medications under the supervision of an RN ( is 40 hours piece should be scheduled at the facility, by the facility, and a schedule provided to the instructor.) PREREQUISITE: CNA license + 2080 hours as a CNA. Call the Adult Ed Office at 778-3460 for an application and detailed registration requirements. Mondays & Thursdays |  |TBA Location: TBA Fee: $1000
Location: 218 Pond Road, Wilton Fee: $20, $10 material fee


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3/7/18 All Evening Classes Cancelled

bring on the snow!!! :)


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