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Willow Weaving Weekend


October 5th to 6th, 2024

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In this two day workshop you will make a round-base basket, otherwise known as stake-and-strand, traditional to much of Europe.  Learn to make the slath, two-rod twining, staking up, 3-rod waling, French randing, a waled border, and handles of your choice.  Take home a round-base basket to use for the rest of your life and the skills to make more.

The workshop is taught by Mary Lauren Fraser, who apprenticed with Karen Collins in northern Scotland. Mary has been weaving coffins for green burial and teaching basketry workshops throughout New England since 2015. Of Scottish heritage, she grew up and resides on the banks of the Connecticut River in today's western Massachusetts, on unceded Abenaki land. 

Date: October 5-6, Saturday 10:00 am to Sunday 4:00 pm

Cost: $400-500 sliding scale, meals and accommodation included (see registration form for more details)

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Green Wood Spoon Carving


August 3rd to 4th, 2024

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Join up-and-coming artisan craftsman and maker Grant Hawkes of Wildfolkwanderer for a weekend making beautiful wooden spoons and plenty of curly wood shavings! Spoons are one of the most universal tools of humanity, being crafted and used across the globe for thousands of years. In this course we will explore the details of spoon carving, diving fully into the process of transforming a freshly cut log into a functional and beautiful spoon using simple hand tools. We will cover tool use and care, wood selection, spoon design, carving techniques, and discussions on craft and the role it plays in our lives as we carve together. Over the weekend, each participant will have the opportunity to work on a couple different projects, completing the course with new skills and utensils to take home.

Date: August 3-4, 10:00 am Saturday to 4:00 pm Sunday

Cost: $300-400 sliding scale, meals and accommodation included (see registration form for more details)

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