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Acorn Processing Day


October 19th, 2024

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Acorns: the amazing, bountiful, ancient staple of humanity! But did you ever try eating a raw acorn? Yuck! However, it just takes some simple processing to transform acorns into a truly delicious grain-like (and gluten free) food. This is real food; we eat hundreds of pounds a year. As part of this day we honor indigenous cultures that have enjoyed acorns for thousands of years, and we investigate the potential of acorn to transform modern food systems and culture. We'll begin the day with harvesting and end with baking!

Date: Saturday, October 19, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Cost: $30-60 sliding scale

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Ray Reitze, master Maine Guide, has led thousands of people through the peace of the Maine woods and into the peace of their own hearts.  Molly Gawler is a fiddle teacher, mother, dancer, singer, breather, swimmer, walker, and lover of life who has been studying with Ray for many years.  During Ray and Molly's 5-day spiritual retreat, there will be time for stillness, learning, and questions as well as great home-cooked meals and laughter around the fire.  Throughout the week, Ray will share stories and wisdom while guiding us, through breath, silence, and deep listening toward becoming what we all are: love.

The program will include: seeing, feeling and studying energy systems; root systems; above ground and the green family; the creature people; weather and wind directions; studying and learning to read the landscape (it has so much to tell us about life); observing the actions of water as it interacts with nature.


April 21 - 25 (at Earthways in Canaan)

June 23 - 27

October 20 - 24

All programs have Sunday 10:00 am arrival and Thursday 3:00 pm departure; details in registration 

Cost: $350-500 sliding scale

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