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with Katherine Richards


October 19th to November 9th, 2023

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Create your own winter and Christmas themed cards while learning new watercolor techniques. Send the cards out for the holidays or hang them up in your home to ad to the festive feel of the season.  Materials fee: $20 pay instructor at 1st class.

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with Del Harris


October 23rd to November 27th, 2023

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This class is designed for both beginners and/or experienced woodworkers. You will have the opportunity to either: construct the instructor’s project (materials provided for a fee, or bring your own materials for a personal project. There are many finishing techniques available for your desired effect of each project. Beginner level class time and experienced level class time will stagger to accommodate for individual needs, to be decided at the 1st class. You will learn the safe and correct use of various wood work-ing machines and accomplish a desired project. 

Materials project determined (if applicable)

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with Barbara Hathaway


October 12th to November 2nd, 2023

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Neurographic Art is a free form art that creates itself by developing quick random, simple, free flowing lines, that can turn into designs and beautiful art. The intersection lines and sharp edges are softened with a black felt tip pen. Other shapes and color can be added for unique results. This art is a therapeutic art that can be relaxing and help relieve stress and anxiety. Location: Hathaway Art Studio, 32 Maple Street, Wilton Red Ranch, 5th house on left side, Hathaway Homestead on the mail box.

Materials: 8.5" x 11" white paper, set of colored felt tip pens, Medium tips, 2 black medium felt tip pens

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with Barbara Hathaway


October 11th to November 1st, 2023

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The class will begin with composition tips and how to mix colors and use paint brushes to make a colorful sky. Other sessions will cover background of mountains, trees, rocks and the foreground of water reflective colors. Last session is about details and how to mat and frame your painting. The class is for beginners to semi-pros. Acrylic Painters can also attend this class and must bring their own acrylic supplies & materials. Canvas should be 16" x 20" or smaller. Location: Hathaway Art Studio, 32 Maple Street, Wilton Red Ranch, 5th house on left side, Hathaway Homestead on the mail box. 

Materials:Tablet of Watercolor Paper, 140 lbs, Set of Watercolor paint, WC brushes (short handles one large, 1 medium, 1 small detail brush, Palette, masking tape to hold WC paper in place.

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with Craig Coffman


October 14th, 2023

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In just a few hours, you can learn enough secrets of the trade to give you years of musical enjoyment. Learn to play piano the way professionals do using chords. Since this class is being held on-line with ZOOM you will be able to sit at your piano or keyboard at home and take this course with no pressure at all. And since this course includes an on-line book and on-line follow-up video lessons, you will be able to continue your practice and study on your own. An optional periodic on-line question and answer session is also included. A recording of the class is included as well. The course is partly lecture/demonstration and partly hands-on instruction. Topics include:

▪ How chords work in a song ▪ How to get more out of sheet music by reading less of it ▪ How to form the three main types of chords

▪ How to handle different keys and time signatures

▪ How to avoid “counting”

▪ How to simplify over 12,000 complex chords

Craig Coffman is an experienced piano and guitar instructor, professional pianist and music director. He has over 30 years experience teaching piano privately. His piano and guitar seminars, offered through community colleges and community education programs have been attended by over 30,000 students throughout Arizona, Minnesota, and various other states, including Maine for over the last 27 years. He has a degree in Sociology from Illinois Wesleyan University (where he also studied piano) and a Master of Divinity degree from Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon.

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with Kevin White


October 24th to November 28th, 2023

$60 More Info

This course is designed for the beginner but is open to all skill levels, Each week you will learn at least 2 different fly patterns and usually there is enough time during class to tie at least 3 flies of each pattern. All materials will be supplied by the instructor at no cost. You will need tools to participate in class. Contact the instructor for a list of tools and where to purchase them. His contact information is phone # 207-578-0028 or email address