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with Nick Rowley


February 7th, 2023

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Come learn about growning tomatoes! Tomatoes are one of the most valuable and sought-after produce items in the garden. Th s course will be a basic overview of tomato production for small gardens to small farms and will cover topics such as: tomato varieties, cultivation, pruning and pest control. Students only need note taking items and the desire to grow good tomatoes!

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Personal Support Specialist (PSS)



February 28th, 2023

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50 hour course will train you to provide daily living care to older adults and individuals with disabilities. You could be the difference between someone getting to stay in their home or going to a nursing home. Other options for employment include local care facilities. 

REQUIREMENTS: 17 years and older, pass state background check, updated vaccinations including COVID 19. No high school diploma required. 

Class will be held after in the Spring of 2023, if we have enough students.

Call Franklin County Adult Education at 207-778-3460 for more information.

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with Lorna Collins

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State Approved Certified Medical Technician Program. Includes: 60 hours classroom, 20 hours classroom/lab, and 40 hours clinical training. This is a 120 hour course preparing CNA’s working in nursing homes to administer medications under the supervision of an RN (this 40 hour piece should be scheduled at the facility, by the facility, and a schedule provided to the instructor.) PREREQUISITE: CNA license +2080 hours as a CNA. Call the Adult Ed Office at 778-3460 for an application and detailed registration requirements. Assessments required.

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What if you are breathing all wrong? Most adults use Dysfunctional Breathing most of the time. Everyone knows how to breathe, and we know that if you stop breathing, you die. But, if you never learn how to breathe well, you go on to become sick and tired. In this class, you will learn how to optimize your breathing to combat the downward spiral of stress, improve energy and stamina, reduce or eliminate shortness of breath, breathe to sleep more comfortable. You breathe every moment you’re alive, learning to breathe well becomes one of the most es-sential factors in felling your best and doing your best every day.

 https://breath- takingbasics,voomly.com/order Coupon Code: BTB1me

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with Chelsea


March 22nd, 2023

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Spend the evening creating a delicious bowl of Bulgogi with wonderful spices and side dishes from Korea. This yummy beef dinner with some simple side dishes can be spiced up or mellowed out based on your palate.

class - March 22(Snow Date March 29)

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This is a 40 hour course with 5 training sessions. This course will cover State of Maine regulations, some standard residential facility policies, basic anatomy and physiology of the human body, common medications in the majority of drug classes, and the practice of safe medication administration procedures. Additionally, participants will be provided the opportunity to practice taking vital signs, transcribing physician orders, administering medications in the classroom setting and completing medication cards/worksheets or some other type of learning tool. Assessments required. *Recertification is required every 2 years 

Need to contact the Franklin County Adult Education office at 207-778-3460, to get more information on this course.


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